MUST SEE SCOTLAND - Must See Scotland has all you need to know for your Scottish travel plans. With an independent viewpoint, it offers impartial advice in an entertaining style. It strips away ‘destination marketing hype’ to inform about what you really should see. (You could, for instance, give Loch Ness a miss!)


About Johanna Summers

Scottish tourism expert, advising and assisting some of the world's top travel writers, social media influencers and bloggers

About Me - Johanna Summers


Hello, I'm Johanna Summers, and I've been involved with Scotland for the visitor for all of my career. I'm a Scotland tourism information expert and tour planner for international media.

I'm also a Campbell on my father's side and a Macdonald on my mother's. (In short - the real deal!)

I've worked with travel journalists, media influencers, bloggers and film crews from all over the world for many years - that's where I use my knowledge of all things Scottish and tourism-related.

In the past, I have also guided private clients - crafting their vacation experiences to suit individual interests and, before that, I was a press officer for both VisitScotland and the National Trust for Scotland. I also write specialised tourism industry and travel related copy such as travel itineraries plus leaflet and web copy.

I work closely with my husband Gilbert Summers on this on-going web project, our Must-See-Scotland, no-hype, tell-it-like-it-is website.  As you can see if you read about him, he's had a long career that has involved Scotland and Scottish information in all kinds of media.

He's the one that has written much of this site (with me looking over his shoulder, of course - well, you know how he can get carried away...) However, being one of those self-effacing Scots, instead of looking at his 'about-me' page, he'd rather you dived straight into the 150+ pages and started reading about Scotland.

So, in summary: we both know Scotland - it's in our blood. But Gilbert, especially, has had to write about the destination for a variety of clients who, unsurprisingly, since several of them came from the world of tourism marketing, preferred if he wrote cloudless-sky copy.

I mean, portray a Scotland where the sun always shone on Highland Games days, and where the gentle breeze always conveyed the scent of impossibly purple know the sort of thing. But, of course, our little northern nation on the edge of Europe isn't always like that. 

On this website we tell it like it really is. So you can make good choices in your trip planning. It's still a brilliant destination read on...!