About Gilbert Summers and Must See Scotland

Gilbert Summers
Don’t know why Gilbert Summers is being coy here.

Hello! Thanks for dropping in to the ‘About Gilbert Summers’ page! You know… I’ve been really lucky to have spent years writing about Scotland.

As a native Scot, there are so many topics to write about!

As an expert on Scotland for the visitor, I’ve been asked by all kinds of international guidebook publishers and national tourism organisations to provide information for guidebooks, promotional materials, websites and so on.

So, in the past, I’ve been involved in writing about my country for some high-profile publishers such as Fodor’s and the Automobile Association as well as VisitBritain and VisitScotland, our national tourism agency.

Books written by Gilbert Summers
Books written by Gilbert Summers. (I used to do a lecture called ‘Lies, Damned Lies and Scottish Guidebooks’.)
Gilbert and our Border Terrier
This Border terrier, like its owner, is of an independent frame of mind.

In the past, clients usually wanted their promotional material to take a certain slant.

Naturally, only the good points of a destination were described. Nobody ever said – ‘Go on, tell them what you really think.’

So that’s the key to this site. Free from obligation to this or that client, I can record a truly independent viewpoint or overview of Scotland.

It’s quite a liberating experience!

I promise I won’t be too serious…

Anyway, I hope you’ll stick around to read some really useful information here about my home country and I promise that I’ll be straightforward and honest and as entertaining as possible on the way.

Sharing an off the beaten track place in Scotland. You’re welcome.

To be honest, there are a few pages that lean towards the wacky – or, at least, are less than reverent.

But please treat that only as a reaction to all those years when I had to say uncompromisingly solemn and relentlessly positive things about a few towns or attractions that may not in reality give the very best experience.

Besides, I think you deserve the best experience of Scotland.

Gilbert Summers walking at Fraserburgh Harbour breakwater.
Gilbert Summers walking at Fraserburgh Harbour breakwater. Childhood adventure playground. (How did we survive?)

That’s why I’d like you to have a good look round the site. There’s a lot of stuff in here! A page like ‘what to see in Scotland’ – for instance – is just the start! 

Besides, whatever the reality of the Scottish weather, Scotland is still a wonderful country to explore and discover. So come and visit soon.. And trust me, there really are ways and means – see picture – of dealing with those pesky Scottish midges……

Midge protection necessary in Knoydart
Midge protection necessary in Knoydart

By the way, when I’m not out and about in Scotland, I’m probably splashing about with a paintbrush. (Actually, a jam jar full of brushes.)

A secretly frustrated artist for many years…I’ve finally got time to paint some pictures of Scotland. That link is to my wee shop.

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