Hello and welcome to Must See Scotland. We’re sure you will enjoy what you read on our website - because we’ve been writing about Scotland, as well as guiding and trip-planning for international travel media and private clients, for a very long time! And here’s another bonus: we’re locals - born and raised here. That means...

This website is where you can discover our insider information about Scotland.

We don’t accept hospitality from tourism promoters, attractions or accommodation providers. That way, you can be sure of an independent and honest point of view. OK, perhaps it’s a little idiosyncratic in places - that’s just a reaction to all the years we spent writing for clients who, naturally, wanted the best possible gloss!

Our view of Scotland

So, with 170 or so information-loaded pages to choose from...welcome to Must-See-Scotland. You could start with getting an answer to that trip-planning question: is Skye worth visiting? And is Loch Ness worthwhile? But wait, perhaps you should just find out if midges in Scotland are going to spoil your Highland vacation. By the way, there are worse things than midges...they hinted darkly....keep reading this page!

Sometimes you’ll find that we don’t always agree with the conventionally wonderful view of some of Scotland’s more heavily promoted destinations. But we hope our love of our home nation will still come through!


Glasgow or Edinburgh? Which should you see? And what about the best time to visit? Is Scotland in the autumn a good time for a tour? And what is the weather in Scotland  going to be like anyway?


A trip to Scotland for one week? On that link there's just one suggestion. And you know where the classic Scotland tour goes? We describe it there - though that's not the same as saying you should definitely do it! 

Cities or countryside? Sure, everyone loves the Isle Skye but there are plenty of off the beaten track options in Scotland's islands that are worth discovering. And check out some of our suggestions for where to stay in Scotland.

Cruise Loch Lomond to see just one part of Scotland famous for its beautiful scenery. (Follow that link for some other suggestions of where to see the best of Scotland landscapes.) But here are some (slightly wacky) Loch Lomond facts anyway.  

We have lots of facts about Scotland here to help you with your trip planning. You'll need to know something about Scotland's food. Then there's driving in Scotland. (Though don't even think about it if you are intending to visit Scotland's whisky distilleries.)

See? We told you there was lots to discover. Perhaps you are going to explore Scotland out of doors - so you'd enjoy our Scotland outdoors check-list. Or maybe you just want to see puffins in Scotland - everyone's favourite bird. (Must be that daft beak..) And we haven't even started on some of the questions that clients have asked us...like 'what are neeps?' And as for our views on making porridge...

Anyway - thanks for reading this far - hope you'll enjoy our website.

Johanna & gilbert summers

Johanna & gilbert summers

  • Thanks for your great website. It has been so very helpful on this our first visit to Scotland. We are housesitting in Peebles for the month. I've been enjoying scenes like the one above in all directions from Peebles, climbing all the surrounding mountains one by one, and learning the true meaning of the term "hillwalking". When we visited Edinburgh, we simply followed your guide to the letter.
    — Bob Weisenberg July 2016
  • Really enjoyed browsing your site, especially the information about Bonnie Prince Charlie. I hope to plan a trip to Scotland sometime next year!
    — Kate Taylor July 2016
  • Your website has been a great read as I do like to spend our precious time wisely. We are heading over in mid August for 4 weeks. Getting a motorhome (smallest we can find) to venture across the lands of the UK starting in Scotland.
    — Vicki Michael June 2016
  • I have been reading your very well written page about midges in Scotland
    — Vicki Michael June 2016